Do You Have A Hit List?

Aubri contacted me about a couple of items on their “hit list”. Their house will soon be going on the market. One of the big items on their list was the front door. It was very difficult to open from the outside, which does not show well to potential buyers when you can’t get in the house. I took the door handle apart, cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated it. I even took care of the squeaky hinges. Their master bath also had a few small issues. The shower door handle was loose as well as one of the spouts on the sink faucet. All done and taken care of.

Fixing Spaces! We can help you get your house ready for sale!

Got a Honey Do List?

Ann contacted me about a “honey-do-list” for their house they are settling into. Two rooms had ceiling fans which did not have lights. That makes the rooms just a little too dark at night. So we installed new ceiling fans with lights, it truly brightened her day (night). I also installed a new hand held shower in the master bath. However the biggest “punch” for the cramped space in the bathroom was the pile of pipe and fittings which I turned into a steampunk bookshelf.

Fixing Spaces! Turning honey-do lists into honey-done lists.

Water Damage?

Shannon contacted me about water damage on his ceiling, caused by a leaking toilet upstairs. I fixed the water damaged areas as well as the multiple cracks in the ceiling. I discussed with him about the color, and convinced him to go with an antique white color for the ceiling. He absolutely loves the new color and how it gives the area a “softer” feel. He also had me install a new toilet upstairs. Upon removing the toilet, I discovered the flange had totally rotted away. I installed a new replacement flange and the new toilet.

Fixing Spaces! We not only fix spaces, we transform them as well.

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